Monday, December 7, 2009

Emma Update

Emma had a rough night last night. Her temp at 1:45 a. m. it was 102.9! :(
Ray took her to the doctor today and she has another ear infection, this one in the left ear, now she has had a total of 3 ear infections. Due to the constant ear infections it increases her congestion and clogs her tear ducts. I am now trying to decided what specialist to take her to.

She is also teething and has been for the last month. We can feel a tooth coming through on the bottom and she has been handling this like a champ.

Then on top of all of this she has the flu!! My poor little girl can not catch a break right now.

So Ray is home with her and I will be with her tomorrow.

Please send us some good wishes and prayers as we try to get through this.

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