Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This is Emma with her Daddy and 2nd cousin Brandie.

Four generations of the Cheeser family, Emma is being held by her great grandparents Pat and Bill (Sharon's parents), also in this picture is Nana Sharon and Daddy.

Emma with Mommy and Daddy, everyone loved the pink tutu!

Emma is the center of attention with the Pheris Clan. Even though this gathering brought both the Chesser and Pheris sides of the family together to celebrate Sharon's 50th birthday, Emma took the spotlight.

Emma with Daddy, this was Emma's first official meet and greet with extended family.

Four generations of the Pheris family, Emma is front and center being held by her Great-Great Aunt Shirley and is joined by Poppa Ray and Daddy.

Emma and her parents feel very blessed that we were given this opportunity for her to meet and take pictures with her relatives. We will look back as the years go by to reminisce with our daughter the day she meet these wonderful relatives that care so much about her.

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