Friday, August 7, 2009

Emma's First Visit to Baytown

I always say that you can find something positive in any situation, be it personal growth or some insight that will help you later in life. This past weekend brought the Pheris family some sad news with the passing of Ray's Uncle Bill Chesser. Ray was a part of the service that honored his uncle on Wednesday, so we all went into Baytown. Due to Emma being only 3 weeks old her doctors do not want her around many people at one time, but while in Baytown she did get to meet two of her aunts, 1 of her uncles, and a cousin.

Emma being held by her Great Aunt Trish, she is Sharon's older sister.

Emma being held by Aunt Lulu and standing next to them is her cousin Zoii, Lulu is my sister and Zoii is Lulu's daughter.

Poppa holding Emma at his house for the 1st time. Poppa has been working hard getting her room ready for when we come to visit.

Daddy holding Emma in the house he grew up in as a kid, I think him being able to share his childhood home with his daughter is something extra special that the two of them will bond over during the years to come.
Emma being held by Uncle Eric, he is Ray's only brother and sibling.

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