Thursday, August 13, 2009

1 Month Old

Where does the time go? I have had friends and family tell me to really embrace this time and try to make as many mental snap shots as possible because before I know it, I will be looking back wondering how she got so big so fast.

Over the past couple of days as I hold my daughter, I feel the slight difference in her weight. I notice that her cheeks are getting fuller and that she stays focused on objects longer. Emma is now really enjoying her baths and has established her own routine.

Today marks Emma being 1 month old and I feel like time is flying by as it did in my pregnancy. With each day that passes it is one day closer that I will have to part with her to go back to work and just thinking about it makes me want to cry. I know also that with each day there will be something new for me to discover with my daughter or a new perspective that I will develop by seeing the world through my daughter's eyes.

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