Saturday, August 8, 2009

16 Years of Love, Laughter, and Growing Together

Today marks 16 years that Ray and I have been together. If you look at the number of years that we have been together, that is more than half of my life span and exactly half of Rays life. I look forward to many more years together.

Ray and I met when my family moved back to Texas once again from Louisiana. Being 12 years old at this time I did not want to move, I was tired of moving even if it was to a town that I had lived in 3 other times during my childhood. Now that I look back and reflect, it had to take this last and final move back to Texas for me to meet that man God designed just for me. I find it fascinating that Ray and I lived in the same town off and on for the majority of my childhood and I never once crossed his path. We always lived on the opposite sides of town until that day in June when the Housleys moved two doors down on the same side of the street the Pheris family lived on.

Once word spread that new people just moved in down the street the curiosity spread like wildfire, but what really drew people to the house is that in this neighborhood boys ran rampant and girls were scare. Well, with my family, five new girls just moved in and boys would drop by to see or talk to my brother, but really they were there to check out the Housley girls and this is how I meet Ray.

The first time I meet Ray I can honestly say that I had no idea I would be in this wonderful place in my life now. If someone would have told me that day that I would be with this one person for the rest of my life I would have laughed... but here I am 16 years later with the man that I adore in so many ways, holding the greatest example of the love and dedication that we have for each other, I am holding our daughter Emma!

So, to my husband, I love you, I adore you, and I look forward to many more years of love, laughter, and growing together in all areas of our lives.

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