Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Roller Coaster of Life

This week was a bit like being on a roller coaster going full blast with many different twist and turns. Throughout this week we have tried to make sure that we have been there in that supporting role of husband, wife, daughter, son, and confidant during the events that took place.

Monday started out with a bit of a scare for me and baby, but we went to the doctor and everything turned out fine, it was just my body being normal for what is normal during pregnancy. Ray's mom came into town on business and stayed with us. It is always a joy to have family come for a visit. She has been really supportive of us and always wants to know what she can do to help.

Tuesday we attended the pain management classes that discuss the different options a laboring woman has for pain relief. I have already done my research, watched videos, and talked to many of my friends who have had their own children; but Ray and I were curious about the class and wanted to know specifically what options I would have at the location where we will deliver. It was a good class and we learned that due to my lower back issues that we can set up a private meeting with an anesthesiologist to go over my individual options. Ray's mom went with us to the class before leaving to go home and spend time with Big Ray and EC.

Wednesday was a bit stressful and I am sure Ray was once again chewing on his nails because his father was having his gall bladder removed. Big Ray had been having some gall bladder attacks and went in for tests and found out that, yes, it was going bad and needed to be removed. The procedure went very well and he came out like a champ. During the procedure the surgeon did not like the look of his liver and decided to take a biopsy of it and send it off for testing. Now we are all trying to wait patiently for the results to come back in two weeks. Everyone is staying positive and Big Ray is recovering at home right now.

Thursday was a normal day for both Ray and I at work and at home. We have both been busy with work, meetings, and trying to keep up with everything else... It did mark our 18th week of pregnancy so we were smiling like loons and we have been taking pictures to track the pregnancy through the lens as a keepsake for our child.

Friday came and went with no surprises. I did have a tasty day at work. We do a Fat Friday once a month where people bring food and share during lunch. Baby enjoyed some really spicy taco salad with strawberry cake to top it off. Ray put in his 12 hours then relaxed with friends over cards before coming home to spend some quality time with baby and me.

Now we are anxiously awaiting our next appointment to come next week. We are excited about learning about all the changes the baby has been going through. We read the week by week pregnancy information you can find on the web. Ray even got out the measuring tape to give me a visual of how big the baby is right now.

Needless to say Ray and I feel very blessed to be experiencing this miracle in our life at this time. We want to thank everyone who has emailed and called, as well as expressed their thoughts about Big Ray during this time.

Please continue to feel free to email, call, or post comments.

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