Saturday, February 14, 2009

Baby Classes

Howdy from Aggieland!

It has really been a busy time for us lately. I hope all is well with all of our friends and family. We love getting emails, phone calls, and comments on the blog!

Ray and I are both well and busy with work. We started attending classes to learn what to expect when the big day gets here. We attended our first class Tuesday. The class went over what to expect when the baby was born in the hospital. It covered the different procedures that the baby will go through, the bath of the baby, alarm system, blood test, immunization, and we even got to meet a delivery nurse, NICU doctor, and the Chief of Pediatrics. The class lasted for an hour and Ray's mom came up for the class as back up.

The next class we go to is this Tuesday and it will cover pain management. I have read literature, looked up information on the internet, and we just purchased the book What to Expect When Expecting" so I hope to be fully prepared so I can remain calm and not become scared during the birthing.

Our next doctor appointment is on Tuesday, February 24th. We will go over my results from my blood work, do some genetic screening, and we will have an ultrasound. We will be focusing on the development of the baby's organs and physical features. We do hope to find out the sex of the baby, but we are more concerned with the overall well being of the baby.

Well I am going to go now, make sure to keep up with my blog for the latest information.

God Bless!

Brandie and Ray

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