Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sharon Pheris

Mom had a procedure done months ago to numb the pain in her lower back and this procedure was successful, except that the solution they used touched the skin when they were removing the needle. Unknown to us, for months this solution deteriorated and made a quarter-sized wound on her lower back that would not heal. Finally, after seeing doctor's and specialist, they decided to do some major surgery to fix the problem. She had her procedure done last Wednesday, August 6th and was able to come home Saturday, August 9th. The surgeon said she came through it like a champ! The recovery will take about six weeks and she can only lay on her left side or on her belly. She is not even allowed to sit on her bottom. She is taking everything in stride and staying 100% positive. She has that gritty determination that she will recover and do everything it takes to get well. We love her courage and determination that she exhibits through all life's journeys.

Ray and I went in to see her on Saturday and she was doing great! She was smiling and after settling in at home she was improving every minute. I handmade a flower bouquet and took it to her and she loved it ; )

She has a wonderful support staff with Dad and Eric at the house, plus her sister Trish has been there for her and helps to boss her around and remind her what she needs to do. Ray and I will be visiting often and calling on a daily basis. We all love her and send our best wishes, hopes, and prayers her way for a speedy recovery!!

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