Monday, August 11, 2008

Seven Years and Counting...

Today we celebrate seven years of wedded bliss! We started off waking up at the Hilton Hotel. Ray was sweet and went to IHOP to pick up our breakfast and bring it back to the hotel. We ate our traditional lunch from Jack in the Box. We ate there after our wedding seven years ago and we make sure to order the same meal every time we eat there to celebrate that event.

Ray and I had to hang out around the house waiting on the AC repairman to show up, so I worked on school stuff and Ray helped me out with that. I know not romantic but, hey, we wanted our AC fixed. We finished our celebration up with dinner at The Republic restaurant with a very formal dining experience and the Pineapple Express movie. Ray bought me the beautiful flowers you see in the picture to the right and a fantastic pair of amethyst hoop earrings. I bought him some cup cakes and peanut butter cookies from Sweet Memories.

*Just FYI if you ever need to stay in a hotel with your pets the Hilton Hotel allowed Reggie to stay with us. If I was not going to stay in my house with it being 88 degrees then neither was my pup.

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