Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Gift of Sight!

Today I received a very moving and emotional phone call. My Mamaw "Mississippi," as Zeth my nephew calls her, called me from Mississippi while I was at work. I thought it was going to be a regular phone call full of questions of "How are you," "How is Ray," and "We love and miss you very much." Of course the conversation did start out in this manner, but then it changed. Mamaw was calling to tell me that she received a letter in the mail from Mississippi Lions Eye Bank. I'm wondering if she has had trouble with her eyes and shes going to tell the results of her exam. Before I could fully develop this theory she explained that my Papaw Burl, who passed away last month, donated his corneas to give others a chance for sight. The letter went on to thank the family for their thoughtfulness of others and that both of my Papaw's corneas were successful transplanted into two different recipients and that both transplants were successful.

This act was one more example of the unselfishness that my loved ones continue to exhibit. I truly believe that life and this world can be a better place when we think of others.

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Melissa Rabinowitz said...

WOW . . . what a gift! Your grandfather found a way to help others even after he was gone. That is a wonderful legacy.