Friday, January 27, 2017

Who Are We? DNA Results

Ray and I decided for Christmas gifts this year we could get our DNA tested. We went through for the test and recently got our results.

100% European

The breakdown:
76% Great Britain
8% Ireland
5% Italy,Greece
5% Spain, Portugal
4% Europe West - France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland
2% Scandinavian - Norway, Sweden, Finland - Land of the Vikings : )

45% Europe West
27% Ireland
28% Other Regions

The Breakdown
1% Africa North
2% American
27% Ireland
15% Great Britain
5% Finland, Northwest Russia
3% Scandinavian
1% Iberian Peninsula
1% Italy, Greece
1% West Asia - Caucasus

By doing this through the website it will match us up with any possible relatives who have done the same DNA testing through them. It has been awesome to see these results!!!

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