Friday, January 27, 2017

My Little Mermaids

Emma and Abby have really enjoyed water since they were born. Over the years it has been one of my biggest pleasures watching the joy on their faces as they frolic in the water.

They love going to the beach and playing in the sand building sandcastles and motes. They enjoy running in the water splashing each other and their Dad. They scream in delight or fright depending on what touched them under the water... sometimes its scary as the parent but mostly hilarious, because Ray is always with them and guards them well. I on the other hand love watching them, but don't always enjoy the gritty sand between the toes.

Over this past summer the girls had a ton of fun with their Aunt Pat in her pool and they were very sad to see summer go because they had to stop their trips to Aunt Pat's pool. On those trips it was so much fun playing games in the water, diving off of Aunt Pat's shoulders, having the Dad and their Aunt instruct them on how to swim.

The girls started asking in December when would it be warm enough to start swimming.... it got to the point that one or both would ask on a weekly basis. So Ray and I signed our girls up for private swim lessons in an indoor facility with a heated pool and they love it! Their swim instructor has commented on how natural they are with the back stroke, even asking if they had previous lessons. They are gaining more confidence in their abilities. They are learning the different ways to swim and even talk about joining the local swim team!

We will post pictures and video soon.

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