Friday, April 17, 2015

April Showers Bring Sweet Memories

I loved steeping out into the night last night to listen to all the wild life and the music they make. All the rain where we lived pushed all the frogs, crickets, etc. out of their hiding spots and the noises they made took me back to memories of my childhood living in St. Martinville, Louisiana.

Living in St. Martinville was a great experience as a child getting because we lived with the Bayou in our backyard. I loved the fishing, boating, swimming, and just hearing the music from the wildlife off the Bayou at night. I used to sit out in the yard at night or open my bedroom window to watch the lightning bugs and listen to the night sounds.

As a child I would run around and we played for endless hours outside. I would pick the clover blooms and create crowns out of them to wear on my head. I even made a crown with an attached veil to wear as I envisioned myself a princess. I even remember making a rosary out of them once and it was so big that it took up a large portion of the yard outside of Granny's house.

Sweet Memories...

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