Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Birthday My Love

Starting last weekend we began celebrating Ray's 38th birthday. We saw three different movies, went out to lunch together, and just tried to do more quality family things together. Today Ray spent the day with Emma on her school field trip and was able to go home after and just relax. Tonight we capped off his celebration with cake, a steak dinner, gifts and more quality time as a family.

Ray you are loved so much, by so many people for a variety of reasons. I love you for who you are, for the loving and devoted Daddy you are to our two precious girls, for the supportive and thoughtful husband you are to me, for the loving son you are to your parents, for the wise older brother you are to Eric... there are just of few of the reasons why I and so many others LOVE you.

We wish you a Happy Birthday and a year filled with love, laughter, health, happiness, and prosperity.

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