Thursday, May 1, 2014

Goodbye April and Hello May

April was a busy month for my little family of four. Emma was busy as usual with dance, basketball, and gymnastics. Abby is waiting not so patiently to get back to gymnastics. We had to pull her from it for the month of April because her class time was conflicting with Emma's basketball games and the facility did not want to bump her up to the next age group until she turns 3 on May 5th. Both girls needed new dress shoes and sandals, along with some shorts and swimsuits for summer. Both girls want to be outside as much as possible with all of the nice weather we have been having. They have loved picking all of the wildflowers that bloom at the house, Nana and Poppa's house, and the parks that we visited.

Sickness came and went... the girls had the dreaded belly issues weeks apart, with Ray and I getting it at the end. His parents and brother also had the dreaded belly bug and Nana was in and out of the hospital more than we would have liked. Her visits did give us insight to what's going on and we are grateful for that.

Ray went to Galveston for five days for a conference. He was able to reconnect with old friends from the Bryan area and make new ones. These types of trips turn my girls upside down since they are major Daddy's girls. Ray is a very wonderful hands-on Dad. He does their baths and bedtime routines, dresses them in the mornings, and takes them to school and picks them most of the times. . My girls lives revolve around their Daddy and his revolves around theirs. I will say that it was nice to be the center of my girls' attentions for those five days.

We celebrated birthdays, Easter, took a trip to Aggieland, and were blessed to make wonderful memories with our girls. We are looking forward to more wonderful memories, fun in the sun, and of course our girls are eager to go to the beach.

Keep checking back as we post (when we have the time) of the adventures we will take as May unfolds before us.

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