Friday, January 31, 2014

Our Journey in January

This month we have gone on many new journey's both personally and professionally.

  • We were staying with Ray's parents due to our house not selling at a convenient time for us, but God always has a plan. We moved into our own place and as of January 12th every box has been unpacked, pictures have been hung on the walls, and this weekend we hope to finish hanging some curtains : )
  • While living in our own place we are getting accustomed to well water... we are using purifiers on the water we drink and have to use a special chemical when washing our whites. So far the adjustment is going well! haha
  • The girls started a new day care and are enjoying this new experience. They have made friends, the teachers always have complements for us when we pick them up, and the plus is that Emma is meeting and making friends with the kids she will start kinder with next year. OMG my baby will be 5 and in kinder next year!
  • Ray and I have started to make an effort in getting healthier and we are doing really well so far. As we workout here at home the girls get to watch and even participate. We are trying to be a better role model to them and demonstrate the lifestyle we hope they pick up and run with for life : ) One day at a time, One step at a time, we will get healthier and reach our goals.
  • We have started the hardcore potty training with Miss Abby Grace. Timer, every 30 minutes, praise, and sing... we still have a ways to go but I hope to have this 100% accomplished by her birthday. 
  • We have also started to break Abby Grace of her habit of only drinking milk. She would go an entire day without anything if you did not give her milk. Now we are making progress with water. She does not like juice, but will ask for a drink of my light mocha caramel frappuccino from Starbucks. 
  • I started teaching 8th grade U. S. History, I was teaching 7th grade Texas History last semester. There was a need and I was deemed the right fit for the position and I am doing well so far. I hope by May I can say we Rocked the STAAR!
  • I am currently looking into an M.B.A. or other degree in Human Resources... with this degree I would be able to stay in education or move outside of education, which would give me more potential in various areas. But nothing has been decided 100% at this time. But I will say that LSU has my interest at this time.
  • I am currently trying to heal from a foot injury that has placed me in a medical shoe since December 27th. I may or may not have injured the foot by accidentally kicking a steel door frame at work while impersonating an individual : )
  • I experienced my first History Fair ever! Let me tell you it is like running a marathon and my entire body hurts. Running around a large campus, helping out doing different things, the stress of students getting project done on time, etc... At least it went well, it was a new experience, and I know a little bit more of what to expect next time. 
I will say that these last 31 days have been an adventure and in many ways I am so happy that they are memories. There will be posts to come to show images of our own place and our girls. So stay tuned to see and hear about all the things February brings our way.

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