Monday, May 20, 2013

Piggy Banks and Bank Accounts

We decided the girls piggy banks needed cleaning out so we could make a deposit for them. Both girls have two piggy banks each. They have small ones decorated by Ray and I then they have these two huge princess tutu piggy banks! One guess as to who decided the girls needed these... Nana and Poppa!

So for the past year between Nana, Poppa, Ray and I, we have been giving our girls their coins for doing chores, helping out, etc.  They both take their coins straight to their piggy banks. Emma and Abby are really good savers when it comes to their coins. They rarely ask for anything at the store or in general, so we have a nice little nest egg building up for them in their saving accounts : )

We also have a Family Piggy Bank that Ray and I along with the girls toss in any extra change at the end of the day or change we find laying around. This piggy bank will help us fund or next trip to Disney World in 2014!

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