Sunday, May 5, 2013

Abigail's 2nd Birthday

The party decorations

The birthday cake

The "smash cake"

Even her outfit was Finding Nemo!

Playing with a balloon

Posing with Momma

Abby, Nana, and Poppa

Opening gifts

Emma decided to help

Playing with her new Minnie Mouse

Riding her new train

Happy Birthday to You

Tasting the smash cake

Challenge accepted!

Drawing on the back porch

Today our precious Abigail turned two years old!  We started the day out by going to get her a sausage kolache, which is her favorite thing for breakfast.  We came home and started decorating for the party.  I blew up a bunch of balloons that we were going to hang, but Abby and Emma were having so much fun playing with them on the floor we just left them in their room for them to play with!  After a nap people started arriving for the party.  We all had a great time celebrating our little girl's special day!

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