Sunday, August 19, 2012

Abigail Walking at 15 Months

Abigail Grace is such a blessing and fills our life with constant excitement through her daring exploits to have fun. Abigail has been a really great crawler and can really move fast. Children who tend to be good crawlers tend to walk after 12 months. Well... that is true for our Abigail. She started with pulling herself up, standing for short periods of time, taking a step or two while holding on to the edge of the bed or couch.

But with the spirit of the Olympics our girl as you can see in the pictures above went hard core in her training to walk. Abby would push big sister Emma around the house our one of their riding toys. Let me remind you that Emma is 3 and Abigail is 1. Emma would sit on it and lift her feet and let Abigail do all the work.

Now are Abigail walks all over the place and will climb up and down any surface she can while giving us a scare and herself a laugh. We noticed that she started kicking her feet out when she was walking and decided to go and get her feet sized, she has jumped from a size 3 as of May to a size 5 1/2 now. So Little Bit had to have three new pairs of shoes!

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