Friday, July 6, 2012

Emma Elizabeth Update

Emma is so expressive and creative it is fun to watch all the things that she does. She does not like to be bored and does not tolerate it well when you just need her to sit still. She is a very active, outgoing little girl. She is still very friendly and waves to people and says hi to strangers as we pass them by in the store.

In the first picture she used her blocks to create a pair of binoculars. She told us what they were and demonstrated how to use them. She also likes to take the blocks and build different sized buildings. When she is using the blocks she identifies the different shapes and colors. She loves to color and draw, we might be venturing into some painting before summer comes to an end. I will be taking some of my old shirts and turning them into smocks for the girls.

This summer has not gone by with out some bumps, stumbles, and bruises. Then there was the 102.7 fever that sent us to urgent care on  Thursday, June 28th where she was diagnosed with Strep. It seems our girls really do like to share! Abigail had been diagnosed with it two weeks prior to this. At this point Emma was breaking out with a red rash and had stopped drinking fluids. The doctor decided it was best to do a shot and have her go to her Texas Children's Pediatric doctor the next day for a different type of antibiotic injection that would last for 10 days. Then it was discussed and decided that due to the severity of Strep she would need to take fever medication in a non-oral way and that is all I will say about that. Apparently Strep is really making the rounds with young kids right now as both doctors discussed with us and having to seen little twin girls come in and get diagnosed with the same thing while we were having Emma treated. Emma's pediatric doctor told us that Emma had one of the worse cases of Strep that she had seen in a long time.

Recovery... it has been a week as of today since Emma received her second antibiotic injection and she has a really large knot where they gave her the shot. It has made her leg so sore that she favors that leg and has a little limp. Overall she is doing so much better and is super excited about her birthday coming up. We can't believe that she is going to be 3! Well enough for now, check back with us soon and we will be posting several pictures from our July 4th celebration.

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