Thursday, July 5, 2012

Abigail Grace Pheris 14 Months Old

Our little girl is growing so fast. She has had a really crazy last three weeks. She developed a really high fever on Tuesday, June 19th and when Ray came home for lunch she went into a seizure. This resulted in us going to the emergency room immediately, where they did blood work, chest x-rays, urine test, and a physical exam. All test came back fine. Later that same day around 10 pm she had another seizure. Due to Emma's history of febrile seizures we knew the type and those were the ones she was having and the ER doctor agreed.

The next day Wednesday, June 20th we took her to her Texas Children's Pediatric doctor who performed the one test the emergency room failed to do and it was 100% Strep as the culprit that brought on her febrile seizures. Now both of our girls have medication to take once they have a seizure that lasts five minutes along with taking them to the ER.

On to her other developments.... she is cutting teeth six at a time. As you can see from the pictures above our girl has a mouth full of super white teeth. She is loving the variety of food coming her way! At about 8 months she took herself off of baby food and would not tolerate anyone trying to feed her anything like that. Abigail does not even like the toddler food that you would graduate to with the Gerber baby food. She will eat a wider range of foods than Emma.

Abigail loves to crawl, walk with her toys she can hold on to, and stand up holding onto different items. She will stand by herself and take a couple of step on her own, but she is not full out walking independently yet and we are not rushing her. We are letting our Honey Bun develop at her own pace.

Abby's vocabulary is jumping in leaps and bound... she can say all of the following words:
Dada, Mama, Nana, Poppa, Sit, Easy, Uh Oh, Hi, Ooh Wow. She counts to 3 and is starting to point to specific stuff when we talk about different items. She is starting to sing songs like Row Row Your Boat.

She loves the water, playing outside, swinging, and she is a Daddy's Girl!!! The Daddy's Girl developed really over the last month and she is hardcore about wanting her Dada and letting the entire household know about it.

We love our precious little girl and feel blessed having her in our lives and look forward to all the years to come as she grows and we get to help her down God's path.

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