Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Presents A New Tradition

 To bring the true meaning of Christmas into our celebrations we decided to start a new tradition. Christ was given three gifts on his birthday so our girls will receive three gifts on Christmas to symbolize that. We did not want to forget that through history kind individuals like Santa Clause gave out gifts to children, so they will get one gift from Santa. Then to incorporate a tradition from my family they will receive one gift on Christmas Eve - Christmas Pajamas with their stockings. So in total the girls will each receive 5 gifts each.

 The lovely Mickey Mouse wrapping paper is for our Emma Elizabeth. But this year due to little sisters wrapping paper and some items she has seen in stores she is becoming more interested in the princesses.

 Our Abigail Grace is such a precious little girl. We are so very thankful and blessed to have both of our daughters to share this special time of year with. She too has her five presents and lets just say due to some of the shapes wrapping was not easy. Dada said all gifts should come in two shapes, square and rectangle. I have to agree after trying to wrap some gifts just to have things bunched, tear, or just look odd.

So for Abigail Grace her Dada picked out this princess wrapping paper for her First Christmas. It is adorable and Emma keeps showing it to her Dada telling him she wants a princess.

Many people have asked "what has Emma asked Santa for" well... nothing. Emma has not asked for anything specific gift, toy, etc... maybe next year.

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