Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Abigail Grace Explores Christmas

 Abby has been trying to get to the gifts any way she can. She rams them with her walker. She will twist and turn and try to grab them, drag them, or run them over.

 She loves the tree... she goes to it every chance she gets. She will stare at it, grab the bows, try and pull off ornaments, or use the ornaments for teething toys!

 Abigail loves the sounds that bells make. She goes around and plays with them, lights up and gives us this great big smile that melts your heart.

 Our girl flashes her super cute smile when she knows she shouldn't be doing something so you can't really get on to her, you just give her a kiss and distract her with something else.

Again she is after the tree... this time she pulls the Aggie Candy Cane and makes it spring up and she does this until Big Sister Emma goes and pulls her away.

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