Friday, August 5, 2011

Abigail Grace Pheris 3 Months Old

Today Abigail is 3 months old. Through out this week she has done many things for the first time. She started day care for the first time. Monday was her first day away from me since the day she was born. She has started making noises with her mouth, making bubbles with her mouth, trying to talk, and she loves chewing on her fist. Today also marked the first time I heard her laugh! It is such a beautiful sound and I can't wait to hear it again.

Also today we had a bit of excitement with her running a 100.7 fever that we could not get down with medication, so the on-call nurse told us to take her to the ER. So, for the first time Abigail had x-rays taken of her chest and had to have a catheter so the could run some other tests. All tests came back clear so their diagnosis was either a mild virus or she is really starting to teethe.

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