Friday, July 29, 2011

Emma's 2nd Birthday Party at the Carrao House

Emma and Mama get a picture in before Emma goes to lay down because she is not feeling good.

Nana and Poppa along with cousin Brandie Corrao and her family hosted Emma's 2nd birthday party at the Corrao house so all of our family could attend to help us celebrate her special day. Nana designed this beautiful cake, and it tasted better than it looked!!

Ray holding Emma as everyone sings happy birthday to our precious girl. At this time she was not felling well at all. She had started running a fever, plus she never got to have her full nap since we drove into town for the party.

Nana and Dada helping Emma enjoy her yummy cake, which of course required an outfit change before we could open presents.

Now its time for presents! By this time Emma has had a nap and has been cleaned up from eating her yummy cake.

Dada helps Emma open all of her gifts. Emma brings the trash to Nana and Mama after opening each present, we can see that she has some of her Mama's OCD tendencies already with wanting to keep things clean.

This is a picture of Nana holding Abigail and Emma with her Dad Grandpa Chesser.

The Pheris Girls! The most important girls in the lives of Poppa, Dada, and Uncle E.

Susan getting to hold Abigail for the first time. With this celebration for Emma's birthday it was the first time that many of them were able to meet Abigail. Some met Emma for the first time as well.

Aunt Trish holding Emma and trying to console her due to her feeling bad. At this point our little girl was just miserable and everyone was doing all they could to make her feel better.

Aunt Sharon holding Abigail for the first time! She had meet her before this day, but did not have the chance to get to hold her.

Maw getting to meet and hold Abigail for the first time. It is such a wonderful thing to have the ability for my girls to meet so many of their relations. We look forward to more gatherings and the girls getting to know even more of their family.

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