Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lunch with Great Grandparents

All of us together at the Aquarium in Kemah Texas on Saturday, July 3rd. We went here so that Emma could see all of the fish. In this picture (left to right) Brandie Pheris, Uncle Craig Chesser (Sharon's Brother), Nana (Sharon), Grandpa Chesser (Sharon's Dad), Maw (Sharon's Mom), Ray Pheris holding Emma Pheris, and Poppa (Ray Pheris Jr.).

Four generations in one picture. This is the Chesser side of the family. Nana, Grandpa Chesser, Maw, Ray, and Emma. It is important for us that Emma get to know all of her wonderful grandparents and great grandparents.

Emma with her Daddy. She loves her Daddy. We loved this little outfit. For the 4th of July she was our little Miss America.

Nana and Poppa with us at lunch. Poppa had to go shopping for his princess before we left the Aquarium. He bought her a cute pink outfit to represent her first visit to the Aquarium. When he took me to this restaurant for the first time it was my 23rd birthday and I have a picture to represent my first visit.

Maw holding Emma at our table in the restaurant. We sat across from their floor-to-celling aquarium. We got a wonderful show of the sea life as we relaxed and enjoyed our meal and company.

You can't tell from this picture but Emma does like lemons. She want to take a taste every time we go someplace and she sees on in our tea or water.

Me with Emma in front of the Aquarium on the 1st floor of the restaurant. This aquarium is three floors tall.

Ray with Emma in front of the aquarium on the 1st floor. She had just woken from a nap from the car ride to Kemah from Baytown. We plan to do an Under the Sea birthday theme for Emma one year and host her party at this location. She will be our Little Mermaid.

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