Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break 2010

We decided to visit family and friends during spring break to give them a chance to meet Emma for the 1st time. So we traveled to Louisiana and Mississippi with our 8 month old daughter.

For the 1st time on making the trip to Mississippi we decided to break it up and stop in Louisiana on the way there and stop on the way back to Texas.

So we left our home on Saturday, 13th and headed out to Louisiana. We drove to Kilgore and stopped for dinner and it gave us all a little break before we continued into Louisiana. Once we reached Louisiana we stayed in Shreveport for the night and Ray went to two of the local casinos. He spent more time in traffic getting back to us than he did at the casinos. He took him over 2 hours to drive 10 miles due to a really bad car accident.

Once we got on the road Sunday, 14th we headed to Philadelphia, Mississippi where my mothers side of the family is from. We stayed with my Mamaw Sunday through Wednesday. Wednesday we headed back to Louisiana for a stop in St. Martinville where my best friend Janet lives before going into Lafayette for the night. Thursday we headed back to Texas to sleep in our beds!

We had a wonderful time with all of our family and friends and will post more about our trip soon with lots of pictures.

We hope that all of our friends and family have a wonderful spring break!

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