Thursday, May 21, 2009

Emma Update

We had a checkup on Tuesday and things are looking good. Other than me having a bit of a head cold I am healthy and strong. The doctor gave me some meds and reassured us that all is well with Emma even though her Mommy is sick.

Emma is apparently growing like a glamazon. I am currently 31 weeks but measuring 34 weeks, which puts us three weeks ahead in growth. Emma is already experiencing growth spurts and we anticipate she will go through another one, then many more as she grows. With Ray being at 6 feet 1 inch and my own father being 6 feet 3 inches, we are expecting a very tall daughter, Ray is already bragging that his daughter can dunk! He is the proudest Daddy and is already planning her basketball career.

We will be going back in two weeks for a checkup and to see what type of growth Emma has experienced during that time. So keep looking for updates so you can keep up with her progress!

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