Sunday, October 12, 2008

Renaissance Festival

Today we went to the Texas Renaissance Festival. We walked around and took in the different sights, sounds, food, and entertainment. We always hit our favorites with the junk food, including funnel cake, fudge, and kettle corn. We usually hit the Ded Bob show and the Joust each visit along with a stop at one or two other shows. This year was our first year to go to opening weekend and it was muggy!! We made our usual circle and toured the many different and unique shops and by the time we entered the gardens we were soaked through with perspiration! So to say the least, we still had a wonderful time. We love going each year and this year will be one of those years that we go twice. We usually wait until November to go with the cooler weather, but we wanted to experience the Oktoberfest theme this year.

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