Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Indian Never Dies, He Just Fades Away...

My grandfather Burl Franklin Savell passed away on Wednesday, July 9, 2008. He was 70 years old. He was a wonderful man who was full of life and loved his grandchildren to the ends of the earth. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in May 2008 and we had planned on visiting him on Monday, July 14th, but God granted his wish for peace and to be in pain no longer. So we made the trip to Philadelphia, Mississippi and stayed for 3 days visiting with family and friends who gathered to say goodbye to a great man. He was known as Papaw to his grandchildren (10 of those) and great-grandchildren (13 of those). He used to always tell my mom that Indians never died they just faded away. He will be forever missed.

We took my 4 year old nephew Zeth with us on this trip and he was a blast of freshness and happiness for all who were around him. He really livened the place up. He was a great passenger the entire way there and back, which was around 8 hours one way. Zeth had a ton of fun playing in the open yard with all of his cousins. He knew he was going to Mississippi and once he met my Grandmother, known to us as Mamaw he started calling her Mississippi. So the entire time we were there and on the way home if he could not have his way he would say "I'm gonna tell Mississippi and she will be mean to you". My Mamaw thought this was great!!