Sunday, February 8, 2015

100 Days of School

For the 100th day of school, Emma was tasked with wearing something with 100 items of her choosing on it.  She went to Hobby Lobby with Brandie and Abby to look for things, and decided she wanted flowers and rhinestones in the shape of a star.  Of course, Abby wanted the same thing, but in the shape of a heart.  We put everything together using a strong glue, and the shirts ended up very cute!  There was one problem, however.  The fumes from the glue never went away, meaning they could not wear them to school.  Thus, the night before, we had to come up with a plan B.  A local clothing store was able to make Emma a 100 days shirt, but it didn't have 100 items on it.  I was in Wal Mart trying to figure out a solution, and came across the bead section.  I bought a couple of 50 piece packs and some wire and brought it home.  We beaded two bracelets and a necklace, and she was very happy with the results!

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