Thursday, March 14, 2013

Zeth's 9th Birthday

So you see it was Zeth's birthday, but really it was Abby's cake, or so she thought! We made Zeth a chocolate cake with chocolate icing covered in chocolate M&M's and Abby would not leave it alone. She climbed up in the chairs to climb up on the table just to get to the cake! We would move her away and she would cry. We would move the chairs away from the table and she would move them back and start the climbing process all over again! So to make our precious girl happy I would dip the M&M's in the icing and give her one at a time until her cousin showed up and she finally got to have her own piece of the cake! When she realized the cake got to go home with the birthday boy she cried until she realized her Dada had made another cake!

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