Monday, October 1, 2012

A Sweet Thank You

Nana and Emma mixing cake batter.

Emma learning how to handle a hand held mixer.

Emma taking a break with her own sweet treat. A Candy Corn Rice Crispy Treat!

Pink Lemonaid Cake Balls.

Reese's Cup Cookies and Chocolate Chunk Cookies!

Pink Lemonaid Cupcakes. 

After being gone a week in Canada. I decided to make these Yummy treats as a special thank you to my team. I know it is never easy on other teachers when there is a Sub. No matter how OCD I am in my preparations the level of stress goes up on  these days when we know a fellow colleague is out. With me being out for 4 days (Friday was in-service) I thought they needed an extra something sweet. I will say that my students did well, not perfect (but who could blame them) we know what it was like for us as kids with a sub. 

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