Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Helping Hand

Ray's parents Sharon and Big Ray, who we both call Mom and Dad, came in for a much needed visit Saturday and left to go home today. Ray and I have been extremely busy with work, both getting over sinus infections, and dealing with our dog Reggie who has been recently diagnosed with a digestive disorder.

All who know me and for those who have been to our house know that I am an orderly, type-A personality neat freak, and I am proud of it. Well, due to all of the different demands on us we needed a little help getting things back in order around the house, so Mom and Dad came it to help out for the day. I can now say my nightmares of my laundry holding me hostage have now been banished due to the wonderful assistance of the two fairies that came to lend a helping hand.

Mom and Dad went to the store to get me some essentials for the house and were kind and cooked us two home cooked meals. With lack of energy, sickness, Reggie, etc... we have been eating take out or things out of a box. We had beef stroganoff for dinner Saturday, enough leftovers for dinner tonight, and tomorrow we are having some tasty meatloaf and homemade mashed potatoes. I am hoping to keep up the trend of having at least one meal done a day ahead so we will not have to resort to take out, fast food, or food out of cardboard boxes.

So this little segment is for us to say thanks to two loving parents for giving up some of their own precious time to help us out!

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